ep 1.08: animal kingdom



"I am a tiger!" growls Kayla.
Rachel stops, looks directly into the camera and declares, "you can call me Rachel-bear!"

It's a new day... Kayla travels the back roads in her mom's (now reported stolen) car. She has a little wad of cash from her buddy Ben and she's headed to find her estranged father. A stop off at a laundromat proves to be a horrible mistake. But out of the darkness, the animals come to play...

**This episode is NSFW (Not Safe For Work) and contains Nudity and Adult Situations



Kayla stares down the road ahead of her




"Colorful & Daring stuff.  Great music. Great acting.

Great visuals. Great editing. 100% Great!!!"


~ Barry Dodd (award-winning creator of Ragged Isle)



"Breathtaking... What we are watching is Kayla's                  

life unfold, and there is no resolution to life."


~ IndieIntertube.tv         


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This episode contains

Nudity & Adult Situations


It is intended for MATURE VIEWERS














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